SMIQ Pharma Operations

  • Our success as one of the Leaders in Oncology segment has been fuelled by our pioneering approach to bolster further a series of collaborations, and agreements.
  • To focus on the well-being of patients at the centre of everything we plan and do.
  • We plan to balance our portfolio and build expertise in key therapeutic areas where there is a great unmet medical need. To handle them, we have skilled personnel, potential products.
  • We have positioned ourselves as a strong partner in the realm of Oncology, Virology, Neurology etc by displaying our ability to realise Innovation and Talent.

“We operate with effective governance and high standards of ethical behaviour. We talk Transparency and dialogue with our Stakeholders to improve our understanding of their needs.”

“Our operations are driven by best-in-class quality and processes, abiding major stringent regulatory approvals.”